HYPOCRITE at the Edinburgh Fringe 2016

Edinburgh 2016Hello. My Edinburgh Show this year is called Hypocrite and is all about what a twat I am. I didn’t mean it to be really – but that’s how it’s come out so, you know, you work with what you’ve got don’t you.

If an hour long character assassination sounds like something you might be interested in you can get tickets below. Otherwise just spit at me in the street.


Phil Jerrod (Leicester Comedy Festival Best Debut Award Winner 2015) is a bloody hypocrite. In this brand new hour of stand-up comedy he bangs on about one thing for a bit and then goes on to say the exact opposite. It’s like he’s got no idea what he’s trying to say. Contains poor arguments, badly researched kneejerk reactions, cod philosophy and jokes about printer ink. Come and see a show that’s all about contradictions. But also not about that at all.

‘Insightful, despairing wit’ **** (Scotsman).

‘Razor sharp timing’ **** (EdFestMag.com).

‘Casual brilliance’ (Guardian).

HYPOCRITE is on in Edinburgh from the 3rd – 28th of Aug 2016 – The Cellar – Pleasance Courtyard 6pm –


Humans at the Brighton Fringe

Hello. How are you? You are looking well. Excellent.

Right well, at some point in the future this will be a blog. But for the moment I just wanted to say that Chris Stewart and I will be performing a new show called HUMANS at the Brighton Fringe.

The show runs for 9 nights – (because nine is the optimum number for all things – the Famous Nine – The Nine Musketeers – The Magnificent Nine etc). There are some details about the show here– (except there aren’t because I haven’t written them yet) and you can also follow the show on Twitter @HumansComedy – there are also no Tweets as such yet because I haven’t got round to that either.

So in closing I’d give this first post about 9/10.

Good morning